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16 Summer Essentials Every Modest Wardrobe Needs

16 Summer Essentials Every Modest Wardrobe Needs
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16 Summer Essentials Every Modest Wardrobe Needs

Dressing modestly in the heat of summer can be a challenge – the extra fabric on your skin begins to feel like a burden when all you want is to be cool and get a tan. 

Over the years, we’ve experimented with how to make summer modest clothing effortless and enjoyable and there are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind when building a modest wardrobe full of easy summer modest essentials.

The first tip to keep in mind is the 3 Fs: fabric, fit and feel.

Perhaps the most critical make or break factor in how comfortable you’ll feel in your summer modest clothing is the fabric your clothing is comprised of. The two most comfortable, airy and breathable fabrics to look for are cotton and linen. 

It can be difficult knowing what top to pair with skirts in the summer – you don’t want to be too hot in long sleeves or look like you’re dressed for winter, which is why we  love pairing 100% cotton boxy tshirts back to skirts. Boxy tees hit below your elbow and the cotton material is breathable so no heat is trapped in potentially sweaty areas like under your arms. 

Another great modest summer top and skirt pairing (backlink to tops shopping guide) is a 100% linen button down – we love wearing sleeveless dresses or shirts with a linen button down layered over top for extra arm coverage. The linen material is light and airy so it feels like you’re just wearing a sleeveless top when in reality you’re still fully covered. 

The second F to keep top of mind is fit: we mentioned how linen shirts are so light and airy and that’s because the fit is loose and roomy. If you’re going to opt for a tighter fitting summer top or dress, then it’s critical you look for cotton or linen materials to allow air to circulate through your clothes. If you’re going for a looser/airy fit, then that’s when the fabric becomes less crucial (although we can’t stress how much of a difference light breathable fabric makes in your summer modest comfort levels). 

The third F to keep in mind is feel: overall, ask yourself when you try on clothes for summer, “How do I feel in this? Can I sweat in it and still be comfortable?” Because the reality is, whether you dress modestly or not, we all sweat in the heat! Uncomfortable summer modest clothing options are usually silk based tops or dresses and anything very tight and tailored. 

Outside of the 3 Fs, we ask ourselves the following questions before purchasing any modest clothing for summer:

Does it need to be dry cleaned? If it needs to be dry cleaned, think twice before buying. The easiest modest summer essentials should be washer/dryer friendly because you’ll inevitably sweat and want to wash your clothes frequently. 

Does it require layering? Unless it’s a sleeveless dress or top that you’re prepared to pair with a linen or cotton button down or blazer, think twice before buying a dress that requires extra layering. No one wants to wear tshirts under dresses in the summer – one and done dresses (backlink to one and done dress shopping edit) are preferred. 

Do I care if I get dirty in it? The reality is, summer is an outdoor, active season where you’ll either sweat, sit on grass, get sandy or dirty in some way or another. The path to ultimate comfort in your clothes is not caring if they get a little dirty.  

Now that we’ve covered what to keep in mind before purchasing any modest summer clothing, we rounded up the 16 pieces we live in all summer long. After years of testing different products, these are the ones we find ourselves grabbing for the most in our summer modest wardrobes. They are all very versatile and can be worn a million different ways, are heat-resistant, chic and comfortable. 

Linen Shirt Dress

Linen is one of the best materials modest women can wear over the summer because it's extremely lightweight and very breathable. This 100% linen dress is great for everyday wear and can double as a beautiful modest beach look. The best part? This linen is not see through!

White Cotton Dress

Throw on a white dress, sandals and gold hoops and you have yourself an easy, chic summer outfit. Having a white dress that isn't see through is so key in a modest wardrobe. We love this one because it's not sheer and is 100% making it ideal for summer months.

Black Cotton Dress

Black may attract more heat, but that's why you need a black dress in 100% cotton. 100% cotton, like linen, is a great material for modest women to wear during the summer months because it's very lightweight and breathable material. You can dress your black frock up with heels for date night or down with slides or sneakers for a weekday look. P.S you can also wear this dress year round. 

Printed Maxi Dress

Every modest wardrobe needs a few one and done dresses. One and done dresses are perfectly modest dresses you can throw on and walk out the door in a matter of seconds. We love this one because it's very loose fitting which is great for hot days and it's also 100% cotton which is the best material for summer. You can wear it as an outfit or as a modest beach look. If this print isn't your thing, be sure to explore more one and done dresses here.

T-Shirt Dress

Wear to the gym, airport or while running errands, your t-shirt dress will be your new best friend if it's not already. Pair with leggings, sneakers and a baseball hat for a model off duty look.

A Timeless Summer Wedding Guest Dress

Every modest woman goes through the struggle of shopping for a modest wedding guest dress at least once in her lifetime, if not wayyy more. Especially with the summer months often being packed with weddings, we find it's helpful to have one timeless gown you can turn to every year and there's nothing more timeless for summer weddings than a beautiful neutral. 

A Matching Skirt/Top Set

We loooove matching sets. You can wear this set together with heels for a date night or engagement party look as easily as you can dress it down by breaking the set up into separates. Pair this top with a denim or slip skirt or pair the skirt with a love sleeve tee for an easy weekday look. If you're loving this set be sure to check out the same style in pink.

Boxy Tee

Your summer top go-to: the boxy tee is ideal for warm weather months because the sleeves and loose and breathable and the style of shirt can go with pretty much any skirt. You can also layer boxy tees under sleeveless dresses for a cute jumper look.

Oversized Button Down

Really a year round staple, oversized button downs are the quiet hero in a modest wardrobe. Layer over sleeveless dresses in the summer for more coverage or pair with tanks and slip skirts for the effortless French girl look. 

Cropped Shirt For Skirts

The secret to creating a flattering modest outfit every time? Knowing where your top hits on your body. For the most flattering look, make sure your tops are either hitting above your waist or below your waist. This is a great cropped button down that will hit just right, making it the perfect top to pair with any skirt. It also happens to come in 5 colors.

Slip Skirt

As essential as water, we wear slip skirts day and night, dressed up and dressed down and pretty much with any top, sweater, jacket and blouse combo.This is not only a summer essential but a year round essential. If you already have a black slip skirt, check out some of our more colorful ones for spring/summer. 

Denim Skirt

Denim midis and maxis resurged in popularity last spring and they aren't going anywhere anytime soon. The perfect everyday skirt, you can dress up a denim skirt with a white blouse and sandals for a dinner look or dress down with a tee and sneakers. This skirt is one of our best selling denim skirts, but we have a few more washes for you to explore too.

White Cotton Skirt

The beauty in a white cotton skirt is you can dress it up as easily as you can dress it down. Pair with a matching blouse and heels for a night out or a boxy tee and sneakers for running around town. You can also bring your white cotton skirt into fall and spring by pairing a sweater and boots - the contrast of a light and airy skirt with a wintery top and shoe balances the look for the in between seasons. If you're loving this skirt, be sure to check out the matching blouse to wear this as a set. 

Lightweight Cardigan

You'll find yourself grabbing your cozy lightweight cardigan more than you think during the summer: pair with dresses or skirts with the perfect additional layer when the air conditioning is just a little too cold for you. P.S this cardigan also comes in black!

Denim Jacket

A good denim jacket should be in every modest wardrobe for chilly nights or over air conditioned restaurants, movie theaters, malls and grocery stores. If you're not loving this one, don't worry we have many more for you to choose from.

Modest Swim Set

Finding a good quality modest swimsuit you feel beautiful and confident in is probably one of the biggest struggles of dressing modestly in the summer. Luckily, we have so many gorgeous options from some of the best brands in the modest swim space like Anava Paris, Formentera and Cool Tide.

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