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We’re redefining the MODEST shopping experience to give back TIME and STYLE to women searching for modest fashion.

Say goodbye to:

  • goodbye


    Scrolling online in search of the perfect modest wedding guest dress.

  • goodbye


    Finding a great skirt only to realize there’s a giant leg slit.

  • goodbye


    Feeling like everyone else rather than like your best self!

WE’re your FIRST and LAST STOP to discover the latest styles (all modest) from namesake BRANDS you KNOW and LOVE.


We believe that ALL WOMEN DESERVE to easily find modest clothing they FEEL GOOD IN.

Say goodbye to frumpy, dowdy and outdated modesty in exchange for beautiful, chic and refined style.

Community Musings

A glimpse at how The Reflective has touched the many different women who make up our community

ALEXA I was struggling to gain traction as a modest fashion influencer in the larger fashion industry – The Reflective is the community and media support I needed to help destigmatize conceptions around modest fashion.


The Reflective reignited my passion

LESLYE The Reflective became my modest fashion inspo instantly. The brand allowed me to be creative with my outfits and get out of my comfort zone.


The Reflective took me out of my comfort zone

KIM Before I found The Reflective, I had a difficult time finding good examples of how to dress modestly and while looking and feeling amazing – now I can feel stylish and polished without compromising my modest values.


The Reflective taught me balance

VIKTORIA I was overwhelmed and helpless trying to figure out what clothes to buy to feel confident and stylish in my modesty – The Reflective gave me back the time I would spend scrolling through other websites and stressing about what outfits to wear with their easy to use marketplace and inspiring Instagram content.


The Reflective made my life easier

GERDDY Thanks to The Reflective, I am loving my new style and enjoying buying pieces that I know I’m proud of. There is a lot more intentionality behind my shopping experience now.


The Reflective inspired my original style

MARISOL The Reflective gave me a social community to feel a part of, making modest fashion more comfortable and enjoyable to embrace as a lifestyle.


The Reflective gave me community

LYNN My life feels happier with The Reflective’s help because of the community, the curated marketplace, the sense of belonging and relatability I now feel, and the fact that many others are able to benefit greatly from it also.


The Reflective increased my happiness


Having struggled to find MODEST CLOTHING reflecting our PERSONALITIES, we set out to create a solution allowing women to embrace their true style AND their modest values.

We chose to name our modest shopping platform The Reflective because – We believe modesty can and should reflect your personality. Modesty can and should reflect your authentic self. Modesty can and should reflect your confidence.


I spent 10 years in the fashion industry surrounded by shallow vanity inspiring me to seek a way to give clothing meaning without my body as the focus. However, I noticed my personality disappear with a more conservative style, so I embarked on a journey of discovering modest ways to wear the styles I always felt most confident in: jeans, pant suits and camisole dresses. It’s OUR MISSION to share products and style secretes with every MODEST women.

Ariella Immerman

I never considered myself fashionable until I started dressing modestly 4 years ago. With less products and styles at my disposal, I began searching for pieces that felt like a true representation of my personality and pieces I felt good in. In that search, I found freedom in expression and freedom to be me. Our mission is to inspire this enjoyment, satisfaction and confidence for all modest women.

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