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3 Modest Boutiques We're Shopping In Store

3 Modest Boutiques  We're Shopping In Store
shopping guides

3 Modest Boutiques We're Shopping In Store

1. Muze

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Instagram: @muzenewyork

Under the visionary guidance of Creative Director Mitzy Movazeb, Muze New York has successfully carved its niche with an exquisite collection of skirt and top sets that redefine modest fashion.

Muze New York has truly mastered the art of combining fashion-forward design with the allure of modesty. With an impressive array of prints and materials, the boutique showcases an assortment of chic skirt and top sets that cater to diverse tastes. 

Particularly noteworthy are their linen and cotton sets, tailored for the summer months. These sets effortlessly transition from a day at the beach to running errands, all while maintaining a stylish edge.

When the crisp fall air sets in and winter's chill takes hold, Muze New York doesn't miss a beat. The boutique offers modest sweat skirt sets that not only provide warmth and comfort but also deliver a dose of sophisticated style. These sets are a testament to the brand's versatility, serving as both cozy loungewear and a polished travel ensemble.

Under Mitzy Movazeb's creative direction, Muze New York has succeeded in presenting a harmonious blend of fashion and modesty, capturing the essence of modern women who seek elegance without compromise. Whether it's the carefree days of summer or the cozy nights of winter, Muze New York's skirt and top sets invite you to embrace fashion that celebrates both individuality and grace.


2. Lunella

Location: New York, NY


Instagram: @lunellahq

With a firm commitment to accessible luxury, Lunella has established a remarkable range of garments that effortlessly transition from casual outings to elegant cocktail gatherings. The price range of their products, ranging from $99 to $199, makes quality fashion attainable for a diverse clientele.

Founded just seven months ago in January 2023, Lunella has swiftly earned its place in the fashion landscape, capturing hearts and closets with its exquisite designs. The brand's journey is steeped in the passion of its founder, who nurtured a lifelong aspiration for fashion design and creativity. This fervor, coupled with a deep understanding of the market's gaps, led to the inception of Lunella.

The brand's origin story was ignited during a poignant moment shared by the founder and her mother, as they lamented the dearth of sophisticated yet modest options for women. The spark of innovation struck, inspiring the creation of Lunella, a haven for those seeking wardrobe essentials that exude elegance and simplicity. 

Unlike the labyrinthine offerings in department stores or the sporadic selections found in boutiques, Lunella presents a consistent and thoughtful lineup of timeless dresses tailored to the modest-yet-stylish woman.

At the heart of Lunella's mission is the empowerment of women to radiate confidence and allure through their attire. The Biwa dress, a cherished bestseller, exemplifies this vision. Selling out swiftly due to its exceptional design and quality, the Biwa dress showcases the brand's dedication to customer satisfaction. Restocked in classic black and a heather grey shade by popular demand, this versatile masterpiece is available in sizes XS-XXL, ensuring that every woman can experience the epitome of refined fashion.

Lunella has ingeniously bridged the gap between accessible pricing and premium quality, providing an enticing array of wardrobe staples for various occasions. With each piece meticulously crafted, Lunella's collection effortlessly merges timeless elegance with contemporary trends. As the brand continues to make waves in the world of fashion, it remains an inspiring testament to the unwavering pursuit of dreams and the creation of spaces that uplift and celebrate women's individuality. For those seeking to redefine their wardrobe with grace and sophistication, Lunella stands as a radiant choice that promises to enchant and endure.

Photo Credit: Jupe NYC

3. Jupe

Location: Brooklyn and Miami


Instagram: @jupenyc

Founded in 2011 by Shayna Greenwald, Jupe NYC has emerged as a groundbreaking clothing brand and boutique that defies norms and elevates modest fashion to new heights. With a strong passion for fashion and an unwavering commitment to preserving one's modesty, Shayna embarked on a journey to fill the void in the market for stylish yet modest clothing, which was sorely lacking at the time.

Shayna's background in the fashion industry, coupled with her personal struggles to find trendy attire that aligned with her values, served as the catalyst for creating Jupe NYC. Inspired by the desire to offer women and girls a chance to embrace both fashion-forward aesthetics and their own sense of modesty, Shayna took the leap and established Jupe from the comfort of her home.

Jupe NYC swiftly gained recognition for its distinctive blend of style and affordability, resonating with women who shared Shayna's vision for modest fashion that refused to compromise on trendiness. The brand's success is rooted not only in its carefully curated collections but also in its dedication to ensuring that each piece caters to the diverse needs of women on their modesty journeys.

The design and production process at Jupe NYC is uniquely tailored to source modest items from the Wholesale Mass Market. This approach keeps the brand's offerings consistently on-trend while remaining accessible to a wide audience. Each collection is thoughtfully curated, drawing inspiration from contemporary fashion trends while remaining firmly rooted in the principles of modesty.

By sourcing items rather than creating them from scratch, the brand successfully marries style and affordability, delivering fashion-forward choices that celebrate and respect each individual's modesty requirements. In a fashion landscape that constantly evolves, Jupe NYC's ability to adapt and offer an unparalleled selection remains a testament to Shayna's vision and determination.

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