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3 Places to Get Chic Hair Covering Pieces

3 Places to Get Chic Hair Covering Pieces
shopping guides

3 Places to Get Chic Hair Covering Pieces

1. The Scarf Bar

Location: Miami, FL


Instagram: @the.scarfbar

Founded in 2019 by the dynamic sister duo, Chaguit and Chani Amselem, The Scarf Bar emerged from a shared vision to bring beautiful headscarves to America. The brand's early days were rooted in a spare room within their parents' house, where they embarked on a mission to offer imported scarves to the states. What began as a modest venture quickly evolved into a story of creativity and passion, as the sisters transitioned to designing their own captivating prints and meticulously selecting high-quality fabrics. As their popularity surged, the need for a proper warehouse became evident, marking a significant turning point in their journey.

What sets The Scarf Bar apart is their impressive range of scarf patterns and colors available on their website, With an offering that caters to various preferences, from subtle elegance to bold statements, their collection captures the essence of individual expression. Prices ranging from $10 to $30 make these fashion-forward accessories accessible and appealing to a wide audience.


The Scarf Bar's impact extends far beyond the borders of Miami, as their Instagram presence (@the.scarfbar) has garnered a global following, resonating with women from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Whether it's a matter of style, religion, or health, The Scarf Bar has emerged as a platform that empowers women to embrace their unique identities and express themselves through artful and fashionable headscarves.

From its modest beginnings within the confines of a family home to its present-day success, The Scarf Bar has celebrated an incredible journey of growth and evolution. Having successfully shipped to all 50 states in the USA and numerous countries worldwide, the brand's aspirations reach even further—envisioning a future where they've touched the lives of individuals across every corner of the globe.

The Scarf Bar's story is one of innovation, resilience, and a commitment to celebrating diversity through captivating headscarves. As their influence continues to spread, they remain dedicated to enriching the lives of women through the art of self-expression, one scarf at a time.


Photo Credit: Modsquad

2. Modsquad

Location: Australia


Instagram: @modsquad_au

Mod Squad, an Australian-based brand that celebrates the essence of everyday essentials, has taken the fashion scene by storm since its inception in 2020. Founded by Ruba Sibai, a seasoned fashion expert with over two decades of experience, Mod Squad has quickly become a go-to choice for those seeking a blend of functionality, style, and modesty.

The driving force behind Mod Squad's creation was the desire to offer wardrobe solutions that enhance your outfit rather than overshadow it. With a profound understanding of fashion trends and a keen eye for details, Ruba Sibai embarked on a journey to redefine layering essentials. Mod Squad's commitment to redefining modest fashion is truly noteworthy.

One of the distinctive aspects of Mod Squad is its focus on inclusivity and catering to the needs of the modest community. The brand carefully curates its range of products, ensuring that it addresses the missing items and colors that are essential to this community. By combining contemporary fashion trends with the requirements of everyday staples, Mod Squad offers a range of options that effortlessly merge style and modesty.

The brand's dedication to quality and design is evident in its selection of materials, which are sourced to align with current fashion trends and the necessities of everyday wear. Mod Squad's collection boasts a range of well-thought-out pieces that seamlessly integrate into any wardrobe.

A standout feature of Mod Squad is its range of hijabs that exemplify both style and practicality. These hijabs are a testament to the brand's commitment to offering functional yet fashionable options for the modest community. The brand's attention to detail and understanding of the market's needs have earned it a prominent place among hijab-wearers seeking versatile and high-quality options.

Among the top-selling products from Mod Squad are the Luxe leggings and Luxe Slip dress. These items showcase the brand's ability to create wardrobe essentials that cater to diverse preferences while maintaining a high standard of quality.

To keep up with Mod Squad's latest releases, fashion enthusiasts can connect with the brand on social media via @modsquad_au and explore their offerings on the website With its focus on elevating the basics and introducing thoughtful layers to fashion, Mod Squad has undoubtedly earned its place as a trailblazer in the realm of everyday essentials with a modest twist.

Photo Credit: Best Beanies

3. Best Beanies

Location: Cedarhurst, NY


Instagram: @bestbeanies

As its name suggests, this eclectic store boasts a diverse and extensive collection of hats and headbands that cater to every style and occasion. From classic winter beanies to trendy baseball caps, the store's impressive selection ensures that hair accessorizing transforms into a delightful journey of self-expression.

What sets Best Beanies apart is its dedication to offering an array of choices that appeal to various preferences. Whether you're seeking a chic headband to elevate your look or a modest cover for personal reasons, this store truly lives up to its promise of having every option under the sun. With its finger on the pulse of fashion, Best Beanies effortlessly captures the essence of individuality and empowers customers to make unique statements with their hair accessories.

Stepping into Best Beanies feels like entering a treasure trove where creativity knows no bounds. The store's commitment to making hair accessorizing a fun and enjoyable experience shines through in its curated displays and knowledgeable staff, who are always ready to assist in finding the perfect match. No matter the season or the reason, Best Beanies ensures that your hair accessory game remains on point.

In a city known for its fashion-forward attitude, Best Beanies emerges as a haven where diversity and style converge. With an impressive inventory that ranges from timeless classics to the latest trends, this New York-based store has firmly established itself as the ultimate destination for anyone seeking to adorn their hair with flair. So whether you're seeking a touch of elegance or a dose of casual coolness, Best Beanies invites you to explore the world of hair accessories in a way that's both exciting and enchanting.

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