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Our Go-To Stylists For A Wardrobe Revamp

Our Go-To Stylists For A Wardrobe Revamp
shopping guides

Our Go-To Stylists For A Wardrobe Revamp

1. Mussie Epstein

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Instagram: @mussieepstein

What sets Mussie Epstein apart from other stylists is her technique of using  "Style Math." This isn't your typical fashion equation; it's a brilliant methodology that aims to maximize the potential of every piece in your wardrobe. In a world where fast fashion and constant consumption are the norm, Mussie Epstein offers a refreshing perspective that encourages mindful dressing and conscious consumption.

At the heart of her styling philosophy is the belief that you don't need a closet bursting with clothes to look and feel your best. With Mussie's guidance, a single piece of clothing can be transformed and styled in countless different ways, giving your wardrobe new life and endless possibilities.

Mussie Epstein officially launched her styling business in 2021, but her journey began in 2018 when she started helping friends navigate their closets and create stunning outfits from what they already owned. She realized that many women struggled with the feeling of having "nothing to wear" despite having a closet full of clothes. This realization inspired her to start her brand and offer her expertise to a wider audience.

Her best-selling product, the 60-Minute Styling Session, is a game-changer for those looking to revamp their style without breaking the bank. Starting at $350, it's an investment in not just your wardrobe but also in your personal style journey. Mussie Epstein's sessions empower women to make the most of their existing pieces while becoming more conscious consumers, ultimately helping them feel their best every time they get dressed.

Mussie Epstein's dedication to her craft and her passion for helping women discover their unique style shines through in every styling session. Her holistic approach goes beyond just clothes; it's about boosting confidence, making sustainable fashion choices, and embracing the beauty of versatility in your wardrobe.

In a world filled with fleeting fashion fads, Mussie Epstein's Styling Services is a breath of fresh air. It's a reminder that true style isn't about keeping up with the trends but about creating a wardrobe that truly reflects your personality and values. Mussie Epstein is not just a stylist; she's a style philosopher, and her Style Math formula is the secret to unlocking the full potential of your closet. So, if you're ready to embark on a fashion journey that's as sustainable as it is stylish, Mussie Epstein is the expert you've been waiting for.


2. Nicole Argy

Location: Miami, FL


Instagram: @rgimagestudio

Nicole Argy's journey into the world of image consulting began around a year ago, driven by her deep passion for the transformative power of fashion. Her brand, RG Image Studio, was born from the desire to share the joy she experiences every day when dressing up. It's a sentiment many of us can relate to: the thrill of putting together the perfect outfit, the boost of confidence it brings, and the self-expression that comes with personal style.

What sets RG Image Studio apart is Nicole's commitment to fostering a healthy relationship with fashion. It's not merely about following trends or accumulating an ever-expanding wardrobe. Instead, Nicole's services encourage clients to embrace a lifelong journey of self-discovery through clothing. It's an approach that goes beyond fashion styling to create lasting, meaningful change.

At the heart of RG Image Studio's offerings is the Wardrobe Curation service, which ranges from $25 to $1200. This service is a game-changer for anyone looking to streamline their closet, make sustainable fashion choices, and discover their unique style identity. Nicole's expertise doesn't stop at recommending outfits or providing shopping links; her mission is to empower clients with the knowledge and confidence to curate their wardrobes for the long term.

What truly distinguishes Nicole Argy is her unwavering commitment to ensuring her clients genuinely understand what looks and feels good on them. Her work isn't just about making you look good; it's about helping you feel your best every day. With RG Image Studio, you won't just receive fashion advice; you'll embark on a transformative journey to unlock your style potential, reduce unnecessary spending on clothes that don't suit you, and build a wardrobe that reflects your authentic self.

In an industry often criticized for promoting disposable fashion and shallow ideals, Nicole Argy's RG Image Studio emerges as a refreshing and essential force. Her commitment to empowering individuals to embrace fashion as a means of self-expression and self-confidence is a testament to the transformative potential of image consulting. With Nicole's guidance, you can expect to not only elevate your style but also develop a healthier and more positive relationship with your wardrobe.

In an era where fashion can be overwhelming, RG Image Studio offers a guiding light towards a more sustainable, self-aware, and stylish future. Nicole Argy's dedication to her clients' growth and well-being is the secret ingredient that makes RG Image Studio a brand to watch and a service to experience.

3.Esther Makowsky

Location: Cedarhurst, New York

Instagram: @estherpersonalstylist

With a passion for helping brides look their best on their special day, Esther began her journey in the fashion industry by working at two different bridal salons. Her initial foray into the world of styling was all about helping brides select the perfect gowns, veils, and headpieces. Over the years, she became a trusted figure in the bridal community, managing all the intricate details of fittings and ensuring that every bride felt like a vision on her wedding day.

However, Esther's journey didn't stop at bridal styling. Her talents and eye for fashion transcended the wedding aisle, and she now offers a wide range of styling services that cater to women looking to elevate their everyday and special occasion wardrobes. Esther's services have evolved to become a holistic approach to personal style, helping clients look and feel their best, whether it's for a job interview, a romantic date, or just a day of retail therapy.

One of Esther's standout qualities as a stylist and personal shopper is her keen ability to understand her clients' unique tastes and preferences. She doesn't just recommend what's trendy or fashionable; she curates outfits that align with her clients' individual styles, making them feel confident and comfortable in their own skin.

Esther Makowsky's services start at $95 per hour, and for many clients, it's a small price to pay for the confidence and convenience she brings into their lives. Her dedication to her craft and her clients shines through in every appointment, ensuring that she remains a trusted and sought-after stylist.

In a world where personal style is a powerful form of self-expression, Esther Makowsky is a shining star who has helped countless brides and women find their fashion voice. Her journey from bridal stylist to a versatile personal shopper is a testament to her passion and commitment to making every client look and feel their absolute best. Esther Makowsky is undoubtedly a stylist worth watching, and her services are a fashion-forward investment that can elevate anyone's wardrobe.

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