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Our Story: Why Modest?

The Reflective started with us and our struggle, until we realized that our struggle was all of our struggles.

Photo Credit: Su Mustecaplioglu​​
Photo Credit: Su Mustecaplioglu​​

Dear You,

The Reflective started with us and our struggle, until we realized that our struggle was all of our struggles. It took us modest dressers hours to shop for a wedding guest dress that fit our style and budget needs only to come up with one dress that still needed alterations. If nearly 10 million women dress modestly, why wasn’t there any easier way to shop for modest clothing? It was clear to us that modest women were lacking an easy and enjoyable shopping experience — one that didn’t compromise on style, budget and modesty standards.

We asked ourselves the whys, and then we asked ourselves the hows. How can we make modest shopping easier for women of all faiths and backgrounds? How can we bring women together in a way that no one ever has before? We wanted one website where we could shop cool modest date night outfits, chic modest swimwear, the best of modest activewear, easy everyday pieces and beautiful modest wedding guest dresses that didn’t break the bank  – and that’s just the half of it. We wanted one destination for all of our modest fashion needs, using style as our only filter instead of sleeve and hem-length … and we wanted to be the ones to make that happen. 

In August 2020 we finally decided to embark on the journey of turning our dream for modest women worldwide into reality with the creation of our weekly newsletter and daily Instagram content. One year later, with our newsletter in high-demand, we launched a small-scale version of our dream: a one stop shop for all of our modest fashion needs. Now, nearly two years later, we’re here with our biggest phase yet – an easy and enjoyable modest shopping experience that allows you to feel confident in clothing that meets your style, budget and modest needs.

Light + Airy Modest Dress
Photo Credit: Su Mustecaplioglu​​
Light + Airy Modest Dress
Photo Credit: Su Mustecaplioglu​​

We thought about all of the annoying factors modest shoppers have to consider when shopping on other websites: surprise slits, unsavory back cut-outs and frustratingly sheer material, and did all of the work in pre-checking our products for you to let you shop without the anxiety, fear or regret that comes with purchasing from mainstream websites. We decided that we wouldn’t compromise on quality, that our obsession with style and fit was justified for confidence’s sake, and that modest essentials would be our style uniform. We wanted to innovate, to push ourselves, and set new standards for the modest community. 

We’re not done – not even close – and we promise we won’t stop until we bring all women the modest shopping experience they deserve — one that is easy, enjoyable and most importantly … slit, cut-out and endless scrolling free. 


Liza & Ariella

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