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Lexington Hoops


Inspired by vintage styles and minimalist design, these 18K gold plated Lexington hoop earrings are the perfect touch for any look. The simply bold design provides a sense of luxury and class often lost with modern jewelry. At miramira, we’re doing our part to inspire greater confidence in you with elegant earrings that make you feel like a babe in New York no matter where you are.

  • An expensive appearance for those with a love of minimalist hoop earrings at a fraction of the cost.
  • Made with the highest quality metal and your choice of gold or silver.
  • Shipped in eco-friendly materials to reduce waste created by the jewelry industry.
  • Materials: 18K gold plated recycled brass
  • Dimensions: length = 3cm, width = 2cm, weight = approx. 16g


Lexington Hoops


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